2014. Jul 2-15 

Nikon Salon GINZA  / http://www.nikon-image.com/activity/exhibition/salonarchive/2014/07_ginza.html#02

Walking on a Map Northern Kanto 
With the eye and sensibility obtained during my life in Northern Kanto, I have been looking for and taking pictures of the scene that shows something like a boundary connecting places. 
When I stand still to look at a familiar place, the place reveals its change that I failed to recognize before, reminding me of the things that are gone yet whose presence I have taken for granted. In the passage of time which is different from that of the city, this unnoticed change occurred so quiet that it makes me feel as if I came to some place far away though it is my familiar place. 
Scenes change as if they never changed. They become restless when I come too close, but from afar, they don’t seem to have any reality within, as if they were faraway places. Not too close yet not too afar, threading through a fine line between the two, I walk and walk. What is waiting for me is not the place that is particularly beautiful, nor is it the place that shows its deeply embedded history. Yet I walk, looking for the place that truly is the place where I should be. I walk, giving attention to the way a place turns into the scene before me, occasionally getting that incoherent scene superimposed on my memory of home. That way I leave my own footmarks behind.