Exhibition/Night Sky in Daylight


at Nikon Salon Shinjuku juna21 / http://www.nikon-image.com/activity/exhibition/salonarchive/2009/12_shinjyuku.html#02/

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Grew up in a calm town, Gumma Japan. There we can feel developing rarely, though, I like this ordinary place.

I used to taking a walk midnight, I was a teenager. No people could see, and this countryside had few street lights; the darkness was always there, and this space was my favorite to swim like a dreamer. This act made me find the full moon lighted everything in white, as if all could have forgot it’s midnight. This fact moved my heart.

In Tokyo, I got a tool, photography. I started taking a walk midnight again. I got 20 years old. Now with my camera.

The white full moon colors the world, and my machine record each image; this photographs seems a new world for me.